Initial Release of Boss Generator

I originally wasn't going to push this to release until all of the bosses from Wolfenstein 3D were available in here, but General Fatface will wait. In the future you can also expect the Spear of Destiny bosses to make their appearance here.

In the meantime, enjoy the initial release of the Wolf3d boss generator. For those who were using the pre-release version, you'll notice that I added a colorization tool. You can use this to color parts with zanier colors that aren't available in the Wolf3d palette. I default everything to not use this feature as I much prefer keeping things within the original palette, but the feature is available for you if you so desire to use it. I highly recommend first setting the parts to be their white or grey counterparts before colorizing them.


Boss Play in browser
95 days ago


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I want to buy this as a file, for my purposes I want to add various bad guy sprites from various games with this you can make almost any asset in no time for mods.