Last Updated 1/1/2020

Early release for Wolfenstein 3D boss generator.

Right now only includes Hans, Schabbs, Hitler, Gretel, and Otto base types.  All of this is expected to be expanded upon.

Current to-do list:

-Add Fatface, Trans Grosse, Barnacle Wilhelm, Ubermutant, Deathknight, and Angel of Death bases

To consider list:

-Add Spear Mission Packs bosses

-Add more alternative weapons

If you have any suggestions for features feel free to leave a comment.

Also, if you generate anything cool and want to show it off upload it to a comment here! Anything you create with this generator you can feel free to modify and/or include in your mods.

Development log


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Thank you for making this amazing software. I am working on a game similar to Wolfenstein 3D and this tool made my life easier for designing 2D characters. 


Are you still working in this? I really like the idea of this project

It's on a bit of hiatus because I'm extremely busy with both a professional project and school, but it's by no means abandoned. I have quite a few plans for updating this.


Are you planning to do a low level and/or ramdon character generator? I am looking to populate a game with not just bosses. thanks

Maybe eventually I'll add a generator for normal enemies, but it's not on my list at the moment.