UPDATE: SewerScape is now playable on your web browser.  The definitive version is still the downloadable EXE, but should you decide that downloading is too much of a commitment you can play the game right here on this page!

A fun platformer game I made a few years back for a friend. Find your way out of the sewers populated by giant alligators, sewer rats, frogs, and other megafauna. Three levels, three bosses, and an extra bonus level.

Jump, double jump, and charge your melee attack to unleash ranged power attacks. Plug in a controller and let a second player join to help with co-op.

Graphics are heavily modified from Kirby's Dreamland and Kirby's Adventure. Music is from Blaster Master 2 and sound effects are from The Incredible Hulk on Sega Genesis.

Install instructions

Download the exe on Windows and double click to play. Press F4 to toggle fullscreen.


sewerscape.exe 52 MB

Development log


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Stumbled upon this game yesterday on reddit. A little bit slow and too easy for my taste. But quite enjoyable. Keep up the good work!