Deep in an underground testing facility, some researchers with questionable ideas on ethics are throwing test subjects into machines with questionable functions to observe questionable results. Questionably.

Highly recommended that you use arrow keys, as cursor controls are a bit broken.

This game was made as an exploration of the possibilities of Bitsy, a browser based game creation tool developed by Adam Le Doux.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
TagsAbstract, Bitsy, Non violent, Sci-fi


Original Game with broken Mouse Navigation (9/11/17) 239 kB


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This is really great!!

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OMG... I've searched for this game so much. I played it quite a while ago and it left such a huge impression on me that I thought about it often but forgot  where I found it.

Can't wait to play it again! Thank you for making this :)

UPDATE: It was just as mind blowing as the first time. And finally made it to the end. My first play through wasn't complete.


this was so funny and great


whoa! this was wild :D


Absolutely fantastic implementation. Beautiful work.


This was surreal! Thanks for the experience :') Probably my favourite Bitsy game. 


This was good fun. Kept my interest, made me laugh, and had a surprising ending. Impressive feat within the limitations of Bitsy. Well done.


The end completely blew my mind because i was wondering why the person that takes notes is literally invincible


how the main char can move sprite to activate the last chamber ???????

I´d like to do that !!! hacks?

Which part are you referring to?  I made all of this without hacks.


To activate the last chamber you move a sprite (maybe a plug) to a corner, then the chamber change to active (i can enter).

How you can change sprite states in the same room?

Sorry my english.


The battery that you move is actually a non-wall tile which is on top of a teleport to another identical room where the tile has been moved.  It requires many many rooms and many duplicates of NPCs.  It is time consuming but the result is a bit more interactive than what is typically seen in Bitsy.


Thanks !


Infinite Praise


this is fantastic! love the narrative and the diff dimensions!


It was really nice. I liked it.

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This is awesome. Loved the implementation of multiverse concept