Generate colorful art with mutating pixels. Have some fun with it. Post the fun image outputs here.

Based on an old program I had made a few years ago, which chugged so bad I had to record outputs and speed it up x16. I remade it with lots of optimization as to make it user-friendly. This is the result!

Tool explanations:

  • Left click in the petri dish to create mold spores, right click to destroy mold.
  • Start Spores chooses how many spores automatically generate at the beginning of a generation.
  • Variance parameters control how mold mutates as it spreads.
  • Spore Color determines color of new spores not naturally grown from existing mold.
  • Start Type determines the distribution of starting spores, and allows for vines (moving spores)
  • Grow Rate determines how likely it is with each process that mold will attempt to spread.
  • Vine Turn Rate and Vine Turn Fan determine how likely it is that a vine will attempt to change direction, and how much it will attempt to change its direction, respectively.
  • Vine Bounce determines how many times a vine will turn at the border instead of stopping.
  • Floors and Ceilings determine how high and low their respective parameters are capable of with new mold.
  • Color Cycling determines a speed at which the render shifts hue. This doesn't affect the values on the actual mold.
  • Refill on Fill/Stop on Fill determines whether or not a new generation of mold will begin on top of a filled mold screen.
  • Brush Type and Brush Size change the brush when clicking the petri dish.

If you have any suggestions, please make a post. I intend to expand the project.

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