A score building thrill ride full of treacherous pits and obstacles.

Programming done by myself (@wjhollyart) and art by my good friend Gabe (@gpriske).

This was made as part of IconOven, a collaboration between Gabe and myself.  We have both decided to upload the games here on itch for posterity's sake.

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5142 on my second game! Then no other score came close for the next 30 plays :P


Thanks for making the game fam.

It's surprisingly hard and fun, my score was 2417.

Not bad! In all of my testing my score almost never gets beyond 3,000, but Gabe (the graphics guy) has gone all the way into the 7,000's haha.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Super fun got quite a good score I think!!


That's actually a little above the highest score I've ever gotten. Color me impressed!