Seizure Warning: The "Epic Mode" is a nightmarish hellscape of flashing colors and images. If you are prone to seizures or wish to avoid general eye strain, I highly recommend you skip that one.  You're not missing much, trust me.

WASD to move

Left mouse to shoot

Right mouse to use special ammo

Cookie Cat is a series of games that I made back in highschool (so around 2004-2005) using mostly stolen images and music from the internet for my friends and classmates to have fun with.  Since releasing the original games would be, most likely, totally illegal, I had to resort to remaking the entire game for a release.  I did exactly that in 2015 (one decade after the original), in the same amount of time that it took to make the very first Cookie Cat game (3 hours).  The result is just as much of a mess as the original, only now with images all taken from my personal camera and music that I remixed from Sega.

You may find this to be an obnoxiously terrible game.  I find it to be a completely fitting tribute to my adolescent days.

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TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Endless, Funny, intentionally-bad

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