A playable proof-of-concept for a clicker game about poking a giant money grub.

Programming done by myself (@wjhollyart) and art by my good friend Gabe (@gpriske).

This was made as part of IconOven, a collaboration between Gabe and myself.  We have both decided to upload the games here on itch for posterity's sake.

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsCasual, Clicker, Dark Humor, Economy


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Well my friend i have played A LOT of clicker/idle games on itch and on steam, and i can tell you this one is way more towards the (full clicker game id pay money for) than just a proof of concept!!  

You have multiple upgrades, you have sound, you have back ground music, you have coin animations, and you have the cutest little anime chibi grub (that evolves no less) to click on.  This could totally go on steam right now for at least 5-10 bucks without making any changes!!!  

I would however like to request 2 things if you do decide to port and start selling (1. some kind of prestige or rebirth system, and 2. an auto collection for audience coins upgrade)  

I have yet to beat it, but im getting there...thanks for the fun cute game!!  And please ask you friend if he would make a seccond game with you or just expand this one and port it to steam, you cant let GEMS like this just die!!

Haha, thank you for the thoughtful response!

Gabe (the artist) and I continue to collaborate, and I will be sure to post free games we make on my itch here or link to commercial games we create from my Twitter (@wjhollyart) or his (@gpriske) if you're interested in more of our work.

This game in particular was made very quickly as a prototype for potential buyers, Sadly there was no interest so we moved on.  Maybe one day if there is interest this idea would be more fully realized :)