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This is pretty cool. Maybe this should be enabled in the real version of Bitsy 


You need to make a fully fledged game


Wow!  I'm still new to Bitsy--care to share how you have animation with more than 2 frames?  Are you using keys or something?  I only understand the two-frame basic animation scheme.


I basically merged multiple animations in the game's data.  In the game's data, a tile's graphic is stored in a grid of 0's and 1's (0 being background color, 1 being the main color) that corresponds with the pixels of the graphic.  An animation is stored as two of these grids with a ">" between them to indicate that the first grid becomes the second grid as the game animates.  So, if you create a bunch of tiles with the animation frames you want for one animation, you can link the animations together like so:

The column of text on the left is of two tiles with 2-frame animations; the column of text on the right is the same two tiles merged into one 4-frame tile.  I hope that helps!


Oh, that's awesome!  Thanks for a great explanation.